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Basic Golf Fitness

Congratulations Candy Traller, Peggy Cook, Kathy Mannahan, Jo Duncan, Jan Shimer, Linda Eirich, Carolyn Schmidt and 
Cheryl Mersch (missing) for completing a 4-week basic golf fitness program!


We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members.  We are so happy you joined the Polk County FL Chapter.

Mary Lou Bogdash
Maxine Fry
Hilda Ringley
Mike Ringley
Tita Rosen
Debbie Wheatley

EWGA Cup Tournament

Do you want to play in the Champions Cup?

In 2013, our team had a great time and did very well at regionals at the Mission Inn Resort in Howie-in-the-Hills.  The 2014 regionals are September 20 -21 at Harmony Preserve in Harmony, Florida. 

If you are interested in joining our team(s) contact Linda Eirich.

We have arranged for a couple of practice rounds at Harmony Preserve for Sunday, July 20th and Sunday, August 17th.  Cost is $39 per person and includes lunch.  Please contact Kathy Kampman to play a practice round.  You don't have to play in the cup play the practice rounds!

Chapter Championship

Congratulations to our 2014 Chapter Championship Winners

1st Flight Low Gross - Mamie Doktor

3rd Flight Low Gross - Shirley Vallee
3rd Flight Low Net - Jan Shimer

4th Flight Low Gross - Jo Duncan
4th Flight Low Net - Candy Traller

Scramble Team - Peggy Cook, Linda Eirich, Kathy Kampman, Marsha Borr

Events Upcoming

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2013 Board Members



EWGA Polk in the Press

HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - October 2014

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  •  WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Quest 1: Where will the 2014 EWGA Cup Finals be held?
    (hint: Look on EWGA Cup site)

    Quest 2: Name a team that competed in the
    2013 EWGA Cup Finals.

    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month)

  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 3: What is the name of LeAnn Finger's blog?
    (Hint: LeAnn is the Director of Player Development)

    Question 4: Who received the Nancy Oliver Founder's
    Award for 2013?

    To submit your findings, click on the Discover EWGA icon below.
    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month) email

  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 5: What do you like most about belonging to

    BONUS QUEST: Did you sign up for your complimentary
    Preferred Golf Membership
    (15 Bonus Points)
    How do you receive a free round of golf? (15 Bonus Points) 
    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month) email

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  • Are you an avid golfer, looking for organized events at local courses?
  • Always wanted to learn to play golf but didn't know where to start?
  • Want to play golf, but can't find the people, places or time?
  • Your company or client wants you to play golf, but you aren't sure about the rules of the game or golf etiquette?
  • You don't have a handicap, but would like one?
  • Do you travel and want a source for woman-friendly courses and or friendly golf companions in other areas?
  • Want to test or improve your golf skills through friendly competitions?

If any of these apply to you, then check us out!

Contact Membership Chair - Candy Traller

Membership Application

Mail or fax membership forms to EWGA Headquarters


Call 800‐407‐1477 ext 10 to join via phone

Local Weather

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Chapter Guest Policy

Guests are charged $5 in additional to greens fees and cart rentals.  Guests may attend a maximum of three events before reguired to join EWGA.